How to make a Mini paper Picnic Baskets

We love going to our local park, a basket full of goodies, a mat and some games. This year however we were stuck indoors and now with the rains its too late for a picnic outside. Since July is National Picnic month, we decided to have some fun and have a picnic indoors. Any good picnic needs a picnic basket. This time we made one…

How to make a Mini paper Picnic Baskets

You will need :
- Cartini Scissors
- Patterned paper. We used lignin free and double patterned. This is thick card stock.
- Single Hole Paper punch
- Paper Flower
- Button
- Glue &
- Brads

To make the Mini paper Picnic Basket

- Collect all your supplies at one place
- Print our template on an A4 sheet
- Cut to shape along the outer edge
- Place this cutout on top of the patterned paper.
- Trace & cut carefully.
- Fold along the dotted lines
- Using glue, secure all the 4 sides in place
- Cutout a long strip of paper for the handle.
- Using a single punch make holes at the sides of the basket
- Similarly make 2 holes at the end of the handle
- Using bards , secure the handle to the basket in such a way that it can move easily
- Embellish your basket with paper flowers

Finally your basket is ready. Fill it up with popcorn or cheese balls or even chocolates and have a mini picnic right at home. These are superb as gift favor boxes for a picnic party also. Every family loves a good picnic – have a picnic lunch, or a Sunday picnic brunch…. even in your backyard. It is the little things that make family time fun!